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1.) My Sweet Ballz just arrived, how many days shelf life do I have?

Our Sweet Ballz are produced with one year shelf life while kept frozen. When we ship to you please consume within three weeks after arriving for best flavor results.

2.) Can we put the Sweet Ballz in the freezer when they arrive?

Sweet Ballz will arrive to your door step around room temperature. It is okay to refreeze the Sweet Ballz, but the product may dry out after it's thawed again and changes in flavor profile may occur.

3.) How do you ship your product?

We ship our product in a thermal cooler. Sometimes our shipments may contain dry ice to keep the product cool.

4.) Is your product gluten free?

No, not at this time.

5.) Do you have any other flavors?

We wanted to start with our most popular flavors, and down the road may add some new selections.

6.) Where else can I purchase your Sweet Ballz?

We will update you from time to time on areas and other stores around the country through our Facebook page and other sites.

7.) Is your product Kosher?

No, not at this time.

8.) Do you ship internationally?

No, not at this time...but we are working on it!